Westinghouse Wgen5500 Portable Generator Review

The Westinghouse Wgen5500 is a 5,500-watt generator that’s very easy to use and also portable. Additional Westinghouse WGen5500 reviews don’t cover all of the specifications and minor details that make this machine a great home generator. As you’ll see, we spend the time needed to go over every single aspect of this generator in order to produce a thorough review.

About Conventional Generators

There are two main types of portable generators – conventional and inverter. The WGen5500 is the former. This means that is runs at either full or half power, depending on how you have it set. It pumps out all 5,500 watts at once or half of that volume – around 2,750 watts. Inverter generators, on the other hand, only send out the amount of wattage that’s needed, depending on what they’re hooked up to. The difference lies in the amount of fuel consumed, and the obvious – how much power is generated all at once. A conventional generator is great for people who want to protect their appliance during a power outage, as well as those who don’t want to fuss around with different settings. These generators are very easy to use.

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Westinghouse WGen5500

The Westinghouse WGen5500 weighs around 178 pounds. It’s easily maneuverable, thanks to the built-in wheels and pulls bar that rests facing downwards when not in use. The blue color helps it stand out in nature, should you take it camping or hunting with you – after all, you’ll need to power your cabin, tent, or even deer stand. The downside to this is that the 420cc engine isn’t exactly quiet. You might have to shout to be heard over the device at times. Once it’s running, however, the sound should quickly fade into the background. In all, this generator is 26.2 inches high, 27.32 inches long, and 27.32 inches wide. It will fit into most truck beds and car trucks so that you can tote it around as needed.


This generator comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty against defects. You are protected from anything that should happen to it (within reach of the warranty of course) over that period of time. After that, you’ll need to get it repaired or looked at by a licensed dealer or even the manufacturer – Westinghouse.

The generator comes with a number of useful features, including a fuel gauge and automatic voltage regulation. The machine will determine the voltage of anything that’s plugged into it and then send out the appropriate amount of electricity from there. It also has two 120 volt GFCI power outlets, as well as a twist-lock outlet that runs at either 120 or 240 volts. Every outlet has a rubber cover that is fitted over them in order to keep rain, dust, and debris.

The 6.6-gallon fuel tank is designed to run for up to 14 hours, as long as the machine is at half of its standard capacity. At full capacity, it will last for seven, which is a good amount of time to wait for the electric company to fix the lines and breakers that caused your blackout in the first place. If you plan on taking this device camping with you, that seven hours will last over the course of a night (providing air conditioning while you sleep) or during the day, allowing you to power your necessary electronics.

The engine itself is a patented Westinghouse design that comes with a protective cast iron sleeve. It can take a bit of abuse, making it great to store in your backyard, right near the main power connections to your house. On top of that, the engine is EPA, CARB, and CSA compliant. You don’t have to worry about engine emissions or any other issues.

There are several pros and cons to the Westinghouse WGen5500, such as:


  • It comes in a snappy blue color with black trim.
  • The machine is EPA compliant and won’t release too many harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.
  • The generator is very affordable for a device of this magnitude.
  • It’s easy to start, thanks to the yellow pull lever.


  • It’s a conventional generator, making it less fuel-efficient that inverter models
  • The generator is less quiet than inverter models that run at the same wattage.

Our Recommendation

We believe that the Westinghouse WGen5500 is a great generator to serve as a backup for your standard household electricity. You’ll be happy to have it on hand when the power goes out, as it will run most of your crucial appliances, such as your refrigerator and freezer. If you need an affordable, general model generator that will handle many different situations, then this is the one for you. It’s reliable, portable, and made by one of the best companies in the business.


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