Honda EU7000is Portable Generator Review

Honda-EU7000is-portable-generatorThe Honda EU7000is is a powerful generator that produces up to 7,000 watts of power at once. This is enough to power most household appliances, although it will work well for outdoor events and other purposes. As you’ll see, some Honda EU7000is reviews don’t go into as much detail as they should. That isn’t the case here. We looked over this machine in-depth in order to produce a very thorough review.

About Heavy-Duty Inverter Generators

Some generators are designed to run household appliances during a power outage. This is one of them. The Honda EU7000is can handle everything from a refrigerator and a window air conditioner, some lights, and even a television and DVR combination. You can also use it to run your electronic devices, like tablets and computers, during a blackout. However, a heavy-duty portable generator can also run everything in an entire recreational vehicle, take care of the lighting requirements for outdoor events like weddings, and serve a number of purposes. Since this is an inverter generator, the power that it produces is stable and constant. These machines tend to be quiet as well.

Honda EU7000is

This generator is designed to be portable. However, you can’t just carry this one around with you. Instead, it comes with a handy pull bar and attached wheels. This is good because it weighs 261 pounds and measures 33.4 inches by 27.6 inches by 28.4 inches. Its fuel tank can hold 5.1 gallons of fuel, which will last for six and a half hours when running at full capacity. The noise level on this generator is listed at 58 decibels, which is the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner. It’s much quieter than similar models, making it a great household power backup option.


The Honda EU7000is comes with both a factory warranty and a full warranty, both of which will cover it in case of any manufacturer defects for up to three years after the date of purchase. This generator is designed with a fuel injection system and starts up with the push of a button. You won’t have to worry about following a set of instructions during a blackout to get it up and running. On top of that, the fuel injection system makes it run cleaner and more efficiently than a carburetor-based model.

The generator comes with attached handles and wheels that make it easy to cart it around. This is very useful, especially since the handles fold down and out of the way when it’s in use. Since this generator is rather heavy at 261 pounds, it may take several people to lift it into the back of a truck, although this is made easier with a ramp system.

On top of this, the generator has a selector switch, allowing you to switch between 120 and 240 volts, depending on the appliances that you want to power with it. The switch is located on the front of the unit, near the GFCI outlets (of which there are two 20-amp ones) and the i-Monitor system. The i-Monitor is a great inclusion, as you can keep an eye on how much fuel you’ve used, how much longer that fuel will last, and how many watts of power has already been used. The dealer can use this computerized module to help them service the machine, as well.

There’s also an included fuel gauge and oil alert system. This shows you exactly how much fuel you’ve used, as well as when an oil change is needed. When the oil levels drop too low, the Honda EU7000is won’t run, protecting its engine.

The Honda EU7000is has some pros and cons, including:


  • It is very quiet for a generator that’s able to produce up to 7,000 watts of power.
  • Comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The i-Monitor system tracks performance and fuel life.
  • The generator comes with an included oil alert system.


  • It isn’t easy to lift, thanks to its overall size and weight. (Although you can roll it around quite well.)
  • This isn’t an inexpensive machine, although you do get quite a few features for the price.
  • The automatic starter button is sometimes tough to use, especially when the machine is new.

Our Recommendation

We listed the Honda EU7000is generator as being one of the best inverter models for your home. We stand behind that ranking, as it really is. The quiet motor and long-lasting fuel capacity (up to 18 hours at a quarter capacity) mean that it will run efficiently during a power outage. You can use it for any number of other things as well, thanks to its portable nature. The i-Monitor system, voltage selection switch, and GFCi outlets just add to its overall usability. You’ll find that this generator is quite versatile.

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  1. I have a problem with the generator, it says 120v 240v and when I turn it on it generates 126V 252V, is this common or does it have to be repaired? Might you help me? EU7000is

    1. Almost every generator comes with two wattage i.e. Starting Watt and Running Watt. If 126V/252V comes on Starting ON the generator then its not a problem. Check it with the running load, it will be normal.

      Thanks for writing!

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