Honda EU2200I Portable Generator Review

Honda EU2200I portable generatorIf you need a portable generator that’s capable of producing up to 2,200 watts of power, then look no further. The Honda EU2200I is a portable inverter generator that’s both lightweight and functional. Most Honda EU2200I reviews stop short of examining every aspect of the device, but we’re not going to do that here. Instead, we’ll go over this generator in plenty of detail.

About Inverter Generators

These generators are designed only to produce the exact amounts of power that you need. They are also very quiet. On top of that, these generators are extremely portable. You can move it around as needed, as it runs on standard gasoline. This means that you can use your Honda EU2200I just about anywhere. It’s great for camping or other outdoor activities. However, if you purchase a portable inverter generator for home use, please remember that it must be kept outdoors, at least 15 feet away from any buildings while it is running. Otherwise, you run the risk of being overpowered by exhaust fumes or worse.

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Honda EU2200I

This generator was designed as an improvement over the previous model, the Honda EU2000I. It produces 10% more power than its precursor and is quieter and even lighter than that model. In all, the Honda EU2200I weighs a mere 47 pounds. It’s easily carried, thanks to the built-in handle at the top. Overall, it measures 20 inches by 11.4 inches by 16.7 inches, making it nice and compact. This model comes in a snappy red and gray color combination that will help it stand out while at a job site, a campsite, or even in your backyard. This machine operates at a maximum of 2,200 watts and uses 120 volts of electricity. It can be tethered to an additional unit (of the same make and model, of course) making it easy to produce up to 4,400 watts of power on demand. It also runs at 48 to 57 decibels, which is very quiet for a generator. You’ll be able to have a conversation – without shouting – while it’s running. On its own, this 2,200-watt generator can run a refrigerator, a television, your lights, a radio, and your portable heater all at once.


This generator is fuel-efficient, thanks to the patented and exclusive eco-throttle system. This means that the fuel usage is directly tied to the amount of power needed to run everything that the generator is tied into. You won’t waste any unnecessary fuel. According to the device specifications, you should get anywhere from 4 to almost 10 hours of power with one tank of fuel, depending on how much wattage you need at the time. Obviously, if you’re running one or two low-wattage appliances, you’ll use much less fuel.

On top of that, the generator is easy to set up. The built-in oil drain gutter and spout are simple to use. Just follow the instructions before you use it the first time, and then change the oil when necessary in order to keep the machine running efficiently. You won’t have to deal with any of the messy cleanup and oil changes of similar models from other manufacturers. The Honda EU2200I is designed to be quite user-friendly.

Other features include a fuel shut off valve, which allows it to run without using the fuel already in the tank. This works in conjunction with the included power cord. Yes, you can set this generator up to run on standard electricity, which is another reason why we think it’s so great for camping.

The machine starts up easily. Even if you’re new to the world of portable generators, you won’t have an issue with this. The color-coded instructions are listed right on the side of the machine. You won’t need to have the instruction manual handy in order to turn it on no matter where you’re located.

The Honda EU2200I has several pros and cons, including:


  • Extremely quiet. Some users have compared it to the sound of a sewing machine.
  • Lightweight and small in size, making it easily portable.
  • Users can connect two units together in order to double their power.
  • Very fuel-efficient thanks to the Eco-Throttle setup.


  • It only produces 2,200 watts of power, which isn’t enough for some household users.
  • Must be run outside, at least 15 feet from a building.
  • Not the most affordable model, but you do get what you pay for.

Our Recommendation

We placed the Honda EU2200I generator in our “great for camping” category because it’s both quiet and fuel-efficient. It’s also very easy to carry. If you want a lightweight and powerful generator, then this is the perfect model. Thanks to its inverter design, the machine will only use as much power as needed, helping you save on fuel. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and want an excellent generator, then look no further than this model.
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