Champion Power Equipment 100302 4000-Watt Digital Hybrid Open Frame Inverter Generator Review


Some generators are designed for a specific purpose but work well for others. For example, the Champion Power Equipment 100302 was created to be RV ready. This means that it will run the air conditioners in a recreational vehicle without any additional set up. With that said, this generator can handle a number of other tasks, many of which we’ll go over here. Yes, unlike other Champion power equipment 100302 reviews, we’ll spend some time examining this machine in detail.

About Portable Inverter Hybrid Generators

The best thing about inverter-style generators is the fact that they only use a certain amount of wattage at a time. They are smart devices that automatically detect the amount of power needed and then send it out, thus saving you on fuel. Inverter generators are also very reliable and are best known for the steady amount of power that they send out. This means that you can run finicky appliances, like computers, on them without having to worry about power surges. Like other inverter generators, this Champion Power Equipment model is very portable and can be moved from location to location fairly easily. On top of that, this generator is called a “hybrid.” What happens is that Champion took an inverter generator that was both small and quiet and mounted it into an open frame setup, similar to what’s used by regular generators. The end result is something that has the best of both worlds. It’s quieter than a standard generator, although it looks like one, and it has all of the features of an inverter. You get more features for your money.

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Champion Power Equipment 100302

If you want a generator that doubles as a workhorse, then this one is perfect. The Champion Power Equipment 100302 starts off with 4,000 watts and then runs at a steady 3,500-watt pace. It comes with a 196cc engine that the company optimized in order to have it start and run smoothly no matter the weather. It will start reliably even in the cold – when you’re most likely to need a generator. This machine comes with volt guard technology to protect against power surges, and as we already mentioned, it’s RV ready and will run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner with little difficulty. This Champion generator weighs a mere 97 pounds, which is very light for such a powerful machine. It measures 28.8 inches by 20.9 inches and 26.8 inches, making it very portable. It can be carried into place or rolled, using the detachable wheels that fit perfectly onto the black frame. The bright yellow body on this device ensures that it’s very noticeable. This is perfect when you’re camping at night and want to use electricity to run certain devices or charge your smartphones. You won’t have to worry about anyone tripping over it in the dark.


The Champion Power Equipment 100302 has three different outlets installed. The first is a 120 volt 30A locking outlet. Then there are the 120 volt 30A RV outlet and the 120 volts 20A household object outlet. All of these are protected by Champion’s volt guard system, which prevents harmful power surges. On top of that, the outlets are slightly inset in the machine, protecting them from the environment.

The machine runs at 68 decibels when at full capacity. This is about the equivalent of a multi-lane road full of traffic. While you’ll be able to hear one another speak, you might have to shout a little at times. The additional features on this generator more than make up for the noise, however. These include a three-year limited warranty and free support from Champion for the lifespan of the generator. If something goes wrong, just give one of their technicians a call. Other features are the steel frame, which protects the generator’s motor and makes the entire machine much stronger than some of its counterparts.

This generator has a number of safety features, including the aforementioned voltage surge protection, an automatic shut off should the oil levels drop to unsafe amounts, and an automatic voltage regulator that keeps track of the amounts of power that it’s sending out. On top of that, it will run for 12 hours straight when at 50% of its capacity. At full capacity, you still receive a solid six hours of power.

The Champion Power Equipment 100302 has several pros and cons, including:


  • It is both lightweight and easily portable, especially with the detachable wheel kit.
  • Numerous safety features including an automatic voltage regular.
  • Comes ready to be placed in an RV and run the vehicle’s air conditioning system.
  • Uses cold start technology for when the weather is at its worst.


  • At 68 decibels, this is one of the louder generators, although this still isn’t extremely noisy.
  • The wheel kit is an add-on.

Our Recommendation

We’ve placed Champion Power Equipment 100302 in our “best generator for home use” category because it’s small and powerful enough to run the most crucial appliances. The fact that it comes RV ready is just a bonus, as not everyone has one of these vehicles. If you want a small, portable generator that packs a big punch and will start in the coldest temperatures, then this is the one that you need. It will work quite well in case of a dead winter power outage.


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